Rose Bowl Flea Market

Rose Bowl Flea Market Rose Bowl Flea Market Rose Bowl Flea Market www.clothandecay.comThe Most Amazing Moschino Blazer

Rose Bowl Flea Market Rose Bowl Flea Market Rose Bowl Market Rose Bowl Flea Market

For Valentine’s Day my hubs and I decided to try out the Rose Bowl Flea Market. This place is definitely a must if you’re ever in the area! We loved wandering around for hours checking out all of the booths. Honestly, we both turned to each other at various times saying how overwhelming it was. There were just so. many. vendors. but that was also the best part! One added bonus about coming out here is the area. Pasedena is a stunning little city and we drove around for awhile afterwards just checking out the gorgeous neighborhoods. I can definitely see us ending up here someday.

Afterwards we drove home, cooked our speciality of pesto chicken pasta together, and relaxed while catching up on our “stories”. All in all, a great first Valentine’s Day as married folk.


Obsessions/Valentines Day Gifts

I decided to try something a little new and mix things up on the blog today all for the sake of Valentine’s Day. This new segment is strictly my own opinion on things I’m completely obsessing over/ruling my life with lately, and whatever I think you just may be interested in. If you absolutely hate this.. well I will probably just do it again anyways and on a post strictly about my deep love for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Magic Nail

Starting out, this gem was actually discovered by my sweet Grandma. After her using it for only about a month she ranted and raved about the seriously ‘magical’ powers this polish possesses. I didn’t buy it, so I went out and got this for myself and let me tell you. I do believe in miracles. My nails have never been longer, stronger, and more healthy than with this magic potion!

Polish: amazon

Lindor Strawberries and Cream Truffles

Chocolate? Yes, chocolate and I am dead seriously obsessed with these right now. I honestly thought of doing a post like this BECAUSE of this chocolate. Hershey’s used to sell a strawberries and cream flavor of kisses back when I was in Jr. High and one of my friends back then decided it was a good idea to give me two bags of the things. I laid in bed late at night watching The Jetsons, hounding them down one by one as if there were no tomorrow. Needless to say I was obsessed, and then the inevitable happened and Hershey’s decided to ruin my taste buds by discontinuing them (I emailed Hershey’s about this a year ago, they will definitely not bring them back). Lucky for me, Lindt decided to try a new flavor for Valentines day… you guessed it, strawberries and cream! Try them, seriously.

Chocolate: target planner planner

I have never been a planner girl, until now. Devan so lovingly pointed out one of my flaws to me as soon as we got married, and it’s that I forget EVERYTHING. I used that fire in him to justify buying this planner and I am now, a planner girl. This thing seriously has me looking for excuses to write in it just because it’s so cute, is filled with fun stickers, and has every fake holiday listed that you can think of.


ALIXX Candle in Things I'm Obsessing Over

Last, I won this candle through an instagram giveaway held by Alder & TweedThis thing is serious heaven you guys. My husband absolutely hates smells. He wants to murder my scentsys, and cringes with any bath and bodyworks lotion I own (I don’t know how I live with him either), but this candle is now HIS obsession. The instant I pulled it out of the box it was already filling our apartment with the scent, unlit. The smell is manly, yet sweet and clean. It’s perfect. This candle is definitely a splurge, but it lasts forever, and it’s definitely one of a kind! Get it. In the name of Valentine’s Day.

Candle: ALIXX

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